VOCO offers brand products for preventive, restorative and prosthetic dentistry, which are held in high esteem in Germany as well as abroad, often leading the way in the respective fields thanks to their innovative approaches and solutions.

Voco Admira Fusion Composites

Universal nano-hybrid ORMOCER restorative material.

Imagine having the option of placing purely ceramic-based restorations chairside, and in just the same straightforward way as you are accustomed to from working with a good restorative composite. All of this is possible with Admira Fusion!

Voco Grandio Composites

Universal nano-hybrid restorative material.

With Grandio, Voco offers a composite that combines ideal processing with outstanding material properties. These special attributes found in Grandio result from the use of trendsetting nano-technology.

Voco Profluorid Varnish

Fluoride-containing dental desensitising varnish.

A thin and tasteful transparent 5% sodium fluoride varnish in a non-messy SingleDose delivery system. Available in great tasting flavours.

Voco Calcicur Calcium Hydroxide Paste

Ready to use calcium hydroxide paste.

Calcicur is the ideal material for direct and indirect capping, for temporary root canal fillings and for lining cavities as a protective measure against exposure to acid from chemical materials. Calcicur, with its familiar creamy consistency, is available in a syringe with an optimised cannula.