On 1st April 2024, 3M Health Care became Solventum, an independent healthcare company dedicated to finding breakthrough solutions to your toughest challenges.
Solventum originates from two words: “solving” and “momentum.” “Solving” captures the company’s dedication to finding breakthrough solutions. “Momentum” symbolises swifter, nimbler innovation.

Filtek™ Composite

A full line of restorative solutions to fit your unique needs.

Filtek™ restoratives have been used in more than 1 billion restorations worldwide. Solventum’s (previously 3M Health Care) family of Filtek™ dental restoratives lets you choose just the right option to fit any patient situation – from highly aesthetic, to highly simple for an easier day.

Scotchbond™ Universal Plus Adhesive

The original, now better than ever!

Solventum (previously 3M Health Care) Scotchbond™ Universal Plus Adhesive takes universal adhesives to the next level. It keeps all the benefits of the original Solventum (previously 3M Health Care) Scotchbond™ Universal Adhesive while adding even greater control and predictability – because a good adhesive should provide more than just a strong bond.

Imprint™ 4 Impression Material

The innovative VPS precision impression material.

With Imprint™ 4 VPS Impression Material, you get the newest product for extraordinarily precise impression results. Thanks to active self-warming, this innovative VPS features an extremely short intra-oral setting time and thus ensures noticeable time savings in the impression process – for you and for your patients.

RelyX™ Universal Resin Cement

Goodbye complexity.

Say goodbye to complexity with the dual-cure resin cement that covers virtually all adhesive and self-adhesive indications with less hassle and waste.