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Saeshin Strong Micro Motor Set 210/105LN with Variable Speed Pedal

The 210 Micro Motor is for laboratory work with a powerful hi-torque motor and solid Korean-built reliability that allows you to perform most tasks that normally would only be carried out on higher priced units or flexible shaft motors.
The small footprint saves you space on the workbench with foot pedal included, provides continuously variable speed control right through to 45,000 rpm.
Strong, quiet, stylish and well priced!

Automatic safety overload (reset function) protection system.
Non-stage speed control dial (continuously variable to 45,000 rpm).
Powerful 32 volt control box with plastic protective cover.
Compact portable size control box (112 x 147 x 78mm).
Slimline handpiece (150mm long x 29mm diameter x 18mm front).
Includes handpiece rest.
Quarter twist, quick-release bur change.
Variable speed foot control included.
Forward / reverse switch.