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Voco Grandio Blocs Nano-Ceramic Hybrid CAD CAM Block Gr. 12 LT Shade A3 LT

Nano-Ceramic hybrid CAD CAM block.
Shade A3 / Low Translucent / Gr. 12.
Pack of 5.

Indications: Crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, implant supported crowns.
86% filled for enhanced strength and excellent wear resistance.
Tooth-like elasticity and thermal expansion allows for thinner crown margins.
Natural esthetics with enhanced colour stability and polish retention.
No firing or glazing required, reducing steps and saving time for true one-appointment dentistry.
Easy intraoral polishability, characterization and repair.

Technical Data:
Compressive strength: 530 MPa analog; ISO 9917.
Biaxial Flexural strength: 333 MPa.
Modulus of elasticity: 18.28 GPa.
Filler content: 86% by weight.
Radiopacity: 308% Al.
Vickers hardness (HV): 154.6.