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Ansell GAMMEX PI Surgical SIZE 7.5 Gloves PF White Pkt 50

Size 7.5.
Polyisoprene / Powder Free.
Colour: White/Natural.

The Ansell GAMMEX Non-Latex PI surgical glove from Ansell is Polyisoprene, DPG-Free with a soft glove formulation delivering extra comfort.
This standard thickness polyisoprene glove delivers exceptional fit and comfort and helps eliminate the risk of latex Type I and minimise chemical Type IV allergies and skin sensitivities.
100% DPG free minimising type IV chemical allergic reactions.
Polyisoprene (PI) formulation giving the softness and elasticity of a latex glove without the natural rubber latex proteins.
Suitable for double donning.
Casein free formulation to minimise reactions to animal proteins.

Box of 50.
(4 Boxes per Carton).