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Voco Admira Fusion Flow Nano-ORMOCER Direct Restorative Material Syringe Shade A3.5

A ceramic-based direct flowable restorative material.
Pure Silicate Technology: Fillers and matrix are based purely on silicon oxide.
No traditional monomers (such as BisGMA [BPA], TEGDMA, UDMA, HEMA, etc) for superior biocompatibility.
Nano-ORMOCER technology reduces shrinkage (2.75% by volume) and shrinkage stress to the level of universal composites.
Inert for outstanding shade stability.
High fill rate of 74% by weight for better wear.
Compatible with conventional adhesives.
Easy to polish to a high shine lustre.
Excellent wettability.
Thixotropic material that will flow on demand without slumping.
Non-Dripping Technology syringe (NDT).
Radiopaque (240% Al).
12 shades for esthetic restorations, perfectly matching the shade range of the packable version, Admira Fusion.
Indications: Filling of small cavities and extended fissure sealing; Blocking out undercuts; Lining or coating cavities; Fillings of Class lll to V cavities; Repairing fillings, veneers and temporary restorations; Luting translucent prosthetic pieces; Locking/splinting of loose teeth.

2 x 2g Syringes.