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Superior osseous surgery for immediate implant placement.
Delicate procedures can be done much faster, without making any compromise between maximum power output and patient safety.
The new generation of ACTEON piezoelectric device embodies the next step in superior and atraumatic osseous surgery procedures.

Highly powerful, reliable and naturally intuitive, PIEZOTOME CUBE drastically improves the experience of bone surgical procedures.
The unmatched performance of the PIEZOTOME CUBE, combined with the clinical expertise of the dental practitioner, paves the way for accurate, faster, atraumatic and more predictable bone treatments.

Includes the exclusive smart assistance D.P.S.I. (Dynamic Power System Inside).
It continuously monitors and detects variations between major criteria during dental surgical procedures (clinical gesture, pressure, tissues, tips) to deliver immediate power responsiveness, only when it is needed.
According to the resistance encountered, the D.P.S.I. provides:
Increased 30% the power for improved cutting performance;
Decreased 10% the power, to be safer on soft tissues.

Includes Foot Switch, Lines & Clips.