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Acteon NEWTRON P5 Ultrasonic Scaler B.LED Handpiece

Preserve teeth with perfect ultrasonic vibrations and steel tip quality.
The perfectly-controlled vibrations and high-quality tips improve tooth preservation, efficacy and comfort during treatment.
Treatments guided in real time with B.LED technology which simultaneously reveals and remove dental plaque.
F.L.A.G for B.LED is a dental plaque revealer associated with the NEWTRON B.LED handpiece blue light.
It simultaneously reveals and removes dental plaque.
Treatment becomes more effective, with 20% more plaque removed, without taking any extra time.
Total irrigation control until tip extremity which is safer for tissues.
The automatic and continuous frequency adjustment guarantees maximal and continuous effectiveness, whatever force is applied.
Power is regulated in real-time, depending upon the resistance encountered by the tip for consistent performance without the need for any force.