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Acteon Implant Center 2

The Implant Centre 2 combines the most advanced ultrasonic and rotary technologies in one device.
It is suitable for a variety of procedures: periodontics, endodontics, prophylaxis, restorative, pre-implant and implant surgeries.
Preserve soft tissue and bone with better outcomes and less post-operative pain.
Bone preservation with highly precise cut, linear vibrations, and controlled and regular amplitude.
Automatic frequency adjustment for maximum performance of each tip. Real-time power regulation for constant performances and effortless cut.
Highly reliable I-SURGE LED motor with its high torque (6Ncm) and wide speed range (100 – 40,000rpm).

Includes a LED motor, a LED motor cord, a progressive footswitch, 2x brackets, 2x handpiece holders, 2x sterilisable irrigation lines and 30x perforators.