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Acteon AIR-N-GO Easy Air Prophy Polisher with W&H Adaptor

The Air-N-Go Easy handpiece is suitable for supra and sub-gingival treatments.
Suitable for daily prophylactic polishing, maintenance, periodontal and peri-implant treatments.
Thanks to 4 different reusable nozzles, you will be able to treat peri-implantitis with ease and comfort.
Fast start-up: direct connection to the high speed handpiece connector.
Thin and well-balanced.
Improved patient comfort: gentle and efficient with minimal bleeding during treatment.
360 degrees rotation, fast and accurate treatment of areas requiring care.
Easier cleaning of the handpiece: main parts can be dismantled.
The range of powders we provide will allow you to customise your treatments according to your needs thanks to very natural tastes.
These fresh flavours include: Neutral, Cola, Raspberry, Peppermint and Lemon.
Includes W&H adaptor.