The Ongard product range features high quality, economical disposables, including prophy cups, rubber dam, sterilisation pouches, paper points, gutta percha points, and more. View our product highlights below

Ongard Prophy Cups

Latex free webbed prophy polishers. Manufactured in 3 grades of medical grade synthetic polymer to create a high-quality polisher ideal for those with latex sensitivity.

Ongard Isodam Latex Free Rubber Dam

An award winning premium Dental Dam: eight-time recipient of Dental Advisor’s top non-latex dental dam award, most recently in 2023. Essential in the modern safety conscious surgery. Safe for use by persons who know they are susceptible to type 1 allergies from natural latex. Isodam High Contrast provides the award-winning performance of the Isodam non-latex dental dam, but in a royal blue colour for enhanced contrast to the teeth and improved dental imaging.

Ongard GP Gutta Percha Points

Made from the finest Gutta Percha, uniformly hand rolled and stiff but flexible to provide ideal working qualities. Uniform and non-distorting crimp with excellent radiopacity. With its long shelf life, freshness is assured. Suitable for vertical and lateral condensation. A variety in the selection of sizes and packaging is available.

Ongard Absorbent Paper Points

Hand rolled, highly absorbent paper points. Rigid enough to insert in canals without curling or bending. Rolled firmly to hold shape when withdrawn from the canal. Available sterile or non-sterile.

Ongard BluSeal Sterilisation Pouches

With internal and external sterilisation indicators, these steri-pouches are made from shatterproof tri-laminate blue film for complete film and paper separation. Features include a pre-fold design for a secure seal, extra wide chevron seal protecting against instrument breaching, blue tinted transparent film for easy instrument viewing and identification of punctures or tears.