MONOCURE 3D is at the forefront of Australia’s Dental 3D Printer Resin industry. They are the local leaders of UV technology with more than 35 years of product development and manufacturing experience

STUDY™ Dental Model Resin

High dimensional stability with a gypsum-like texture.

STUDY™ Dental Model resin was developed for 3D printing precision models required for dental professionals. It was formulated to be easy to print, have a gypsum-like texture, and have a low odour.

PRECISE™ HD Dental Resin

Toughness, hardness and flexibility.

PRECISE™ HD dental resin is an easy-to-use, high-quality & pin-point accurate. The smooth matte surface finish makes this a popular choice for orthodontics, diagnostics, prototypes, aligners and implant models. This is the preferred resin choice by most dental labs due to its high-tensile strength once post-cured

GINGIVAFlexible Dental Resin

Semi-flexible, pink polymer resin.

GINGIVA™ helps improve implant workflows and produces natural-looking, flexible gum-like parts for dental implant models. The elastic material is highly tear-resistant, flexible, and easy to adjust via grinding if needed.

GUIDEBio Dental Resin

TGA approved bio-compatible resin.

GUIDE™ bio-compatible dental 3D resin has been engineered to fabricate surgical guides. Once post-cured, this material has high tensile strength and is transparent, odourless and tasteless. It has a high heat resistance and is suitable for sterilisation using standard autoclave protocols.

RESINAWAY® Resin Cleaner

The ultimate cleaning solution.

RESINAWAY® is engineered to target the uncured resin as it changes its chemical structure to make it soluble in water. Turning a non-water washable resin into one that can be easily washed away after the part is post-cured.