MK-dent are solving today‘s most important problems in dentistry. They ignite opportunity by building better dental products and helping millions of patients suffering from oral diseases worldwide.

MK Dent Prime Line

Essence of sophisticated dentistry

Designed and engineered to help you create preparations like never before. Pushing the limits of aerodynamics even further, we mastered the airflow over the Prime Lines aeroacoustic blade and body. More power, better sound, spectacular control. Built for the pro user who demands best-in-class. Includes 2 years Fair Care Warranty, for unconditional warranty exepct physical damage on Prime Line high speeds.

MK Dent Eco Line

Class-leading precision

At the heart of every outstanding contra-angle handpiece are exceptional gears. MK-dent Long-Life gears are engineered to excel at every angle, encouraging complete synthesis between dentist and instrument. Optimised for vibration-free performance thanks to improved torque ratio and class-leading precision. The exterior design incorporates beautiful materials throughout the body and an exquisite chrome finish. From the curved corners of the Classic grip to the firm pressure on the push button, every detail has been carefully considered. Includes 1 year of Fair Care Warranty, for unconditional warranty exepct physical damage.

MK Dent Basic Line

Excelling at every angle

The proven Basic Body pays homage to MK-dent Instruments of the past while remaining a contemporary statement. Its design is elegant and uncompromising, a characteristic form with distinctive design elements and a perfectly proportioned composition of lines. The chrome coated surface is virtually scratchproof. The Basic Line comes with complimentary 24 months of limited global warranty for Basic heads and 30 months of limited global warranty for Basic handpieces and bodies.

MK Dent Prophy Scaler

Elliptical movement, drastacally reduced pain

Traditional scalers operate at frequencies between 5 – 15 kHz with an elliptical movement of the tip. The piezoelectric method moves the tip at approx. 30 kHz in a linear way. Drastically reduced pain makes ultrasonic scaling more appreciated by patients. A stainless-steel cap prevents damages in the front of the handpiece. Additionally, the cap gives you the perfect balance as the weight is pulled to the front of the handpiece, balancing the weight of the tubing. This way, the pull on your hand is eliminated.