Kerr designs and manufactures products for all aspects of modern restorative dentistry. Kerr have advanced aesthetic dentistry through education and sustainable solutions based on ideas from the real world, and the Kerr name is now synonymous with integrity among dentists worldwide.

Kerr Optibond Adhesives

A rich history of clinical success.

All OptiBond adhesives are infused with patented GPDM monomer, known as the “Gold Standard” in adhesion. The GPDM ensures more effective and reliable adhesion than other adhesive monomers to both the tooth structure and the resin material: An acidic phosphate group effectively anchors the adhesive to the hydrophilic surface of the tooth, the presence of more methacrylate functional groups compared to other adhesive monomers, such as MDP, allows a more effective interface with the hydrophobic resin. This combination creates better compatibility with both tooth and resin material and an overall higher bond strength.

Kerr NX3 Nexus™ Universal Dental Resin Cement

Defining a new generation in permanent cements.

NX3 is a permanent resin cement system with an innovative chemistry for unmatched esthetics, adhesion and great versatility. Delivery systems include an automix syringe for dual-cure indications and a light-cure cement for unlimited work time. NX3 cement can be used for all indirect applications, including veneers.

Kerr Herculite® XRV Ultra

A universal nano-filled composite.

Herculite XRV Ultra is a universal composite material with excellent aesthetics for anterior restorations and is strong and durable for posterior restorations. The shading system enables various shading techniques based on the different aesthetic requirements –1-layer, 2-layer or multi-layer techniques. Its balanced consistency allows easy placement in anterior as well as good packing in posterior cavities.

Kerr Take 1® Advanced™

Designed for the way you work.

As with any dental material, the physical and mechanical properties of impression material dictate how well it will perform in different clinical situations. While some materials focus on a single attribute, it’s critical for these properties to work well together. Take 1® Advanced™ features individual properties that rate as good or better than any other VPS on the market today, with collective performance exceeding that of competitive products.

Kerr CaviWipes™

Cleaning and disinfecting solution.

CaviWipes™ are disposable, ready-to-use disinfectant wipes pre-saturated with CaviCide™ solution for the effective removal of dirt and quick and broad-spectrum disinfection. Each CaviWipe is a durable, non-woven fully saturated towelette that won’t dry out and won’t bunch up during use. CaviWipes do not contain aldehydes, phenols, bleach or other toxic chemicals.