For more than 50 years, Cattani dental air technology has been synonymous with unparalleled quality, performance and service. The company has always focused on two main product areas – suction and compression – so there have been no distractions in our aim to be world leaders in our field.

Cattani PULI-JET Gentle 2.0 Non Foaming Disinfectant

One disinfectant, one dilution, once a day.

PULI-JET Gentle 2.0 is an anti-microbial solution from our Magnolia range, specifically made to disinfect dental suction devices, known for its easy-to-remember single dilution disinfecting procedure. Phenol and Aldehyde free. No alternating schedules or products. No shock treatments needed.

Cattani Magnolia Antifoaming Disinfectant Tablets

Your daily dose of continuous disinfection.

Antifoaming Disinfectant Tablets manage the foam that can occur through surgical treatments that have a large amount of dense liquids such as blood, mucus, and thick saliva. The tablet also has a slow-release capability, so that it continuously disinfects the suction lines throughout the entire working day.

Cattani Pulse Cleaner

Maximises disinfectant aspiration through the suction system.

Pulse Cleaner automatically aspirates Puli-Jet Gentle disinfectant solution through the suction system by creating air and fluid turbulence, evenly and widely distributing the disinfectant for the most effective cleaning and protection.