Since 1988 CareDent has provided a comprehensive range of unique, high-quality oral care products including floss, PTFE tape, interdental brushes, toothbrushes and toothpaste to Australian and International markets. They are a proudly Australian owned and operated company which believes that all smiles should be supported by innovative oral care products throughout all ages and life stages.

CareDent Biobrush

100% cornstarch handle and soft double tapered bristles. Packaged in paper sleeve with no plastic blister. Available in 5 modern colours. Compostable and biodegradable.

CareDent 10K Super Soft Toothbrush

The Caredent 10K Super Soft toothbrush has been specially designed to provide the small brush head dentists recommend. The ultra-fine 10,000 bristles clean between the teeth and reach in below the gum line. 100% biodegradable wheatstarch brush handle can be safely composted after use. Snap off brush head and dispose of before composting handle.

CareDent Junior Eco Plus Toothbrushes

Caredent Junior Eco Plus are now made using recycled plastic and have soft bio-based bristles. Handle can be recycled. Eco-friendly cardboard packaging. Available in bright, modern colours.

CareDent EeziFlossers Biodegradable

Eeziflossers Biodegradable, made from UHMPE floss and cornstarch handle, removes plaque debris and bacteria between the teeth daily brushing may miss, helping prevent cavities and gum disease. For disposal, cut floss off and place handle in the compost or recycling bin.

CareDent EeziFlosser with Softpick

Caredent Eeziflossers + Soft Pick are a unique flosser combining their traditional flosser with the benefits of their wire-free Softpick and made using 100% recycled materials (Plastic & TPE). The shred resistant floss removes plaque, debris and bacteria between the teeth which daily brushing may miss, helping prevent cavities and gum disease. The unique Softpick tip is flexible and gently stimulates and massages gums for improved gingival health. Also ideal for cleaning crowns, bridges, dental implants, braces and all dental restorations. Metal and latex free.

CareDent Disposable Mirrors

A lovely designed product with an easy grip handle for ease of use. A safe glass-free plastic disposable mirror in white. Great for adults and kids. Available in boxes of 100 representing great value.

CareDent Disclosing Tablets

CareDent disclosing tablets are an excellent aid to help identify plaque. Safe and simple. Erythrosine based. Great for Adults and Kids. Used to see the plaque you need to brush away.