Bausch Articulating Papers provide the highest quality and most accurate occlusion in every procedure. Their marking material is embedded in special microfleece paper through a patented process. Bausch are recognized worldwide as the leader in providing the highest quality and most accurate articulating and occlusal test products.

Bausch Arti-Check Micro-Thin Articulating Paper 40μ

Bausch 40μ micro-thin Articulating Papers are extremely thin and tear resistant and are coated with liquid colours on both sides. These papers mark precisely because of the thin material; false or smear contacts can thus be avoided. The special coating with liquid colours facilitates accurate marking of all occlusal contacts or occlusal interferences. These papers are also available in horseshoe-shape. The pre-cut paper can easily be applied without forceps or any other handling devices.

Bausch Articulating Paper with Progressive Colour Transfer 200μ

Bausch 200µ Articulating Paper highlights overall pressure distribution by means of different colour shades. You can easily obtain accurate pressure distribution within seconds, since high spots are immediately visible. Bausch 200μ Articulating Paper with progressive colour transfer, that highlights overall pressure distribution by means of different colour shades: the lighter the bite, the lighter the mark. The harder the bite, the darker the mark.

Bausch Articulating Silk 80μ

Bausch Articulating Silk is made from high quality natural silk featuring the same properties as Bausch 200μ Articulating Papers with progressive colour transfer. This silk is highly tear-resistant and, because of its low thickness and good flexibility, adapts perfectly to cusps and fossae. The marking of silk is extremely precise and therefore suitable for more delicate preparations.

Bausch Arti-Fol Articulating Film

Arti-Fol 8μ is an ultra-thin occlusion test film, consisting of a polyester film of 8μ thickness and a single or double-sided colour coating. The thin colour coating consists of waxes and pigments, enriched with hydrophilic components, for improved marking on different materials. This film stands out for its low material thickness and enables an exact and sharply contoured representation of the occlusal contacts.

Arti-Fol metallic is an occlusion test film consisting of a metallized polyester film (shimstock film), 12μ thickness, and a single or double-sided colour coating. This film is characterised by its flexibility, tear resistance and reduced static charge. The low thickness of the material allows a close approximation of the antagonists. The film precisely marks the occlusal contacts on all materials. Smear or false contacts are thus significantly reduced.

Bausch Arti-Spray® Occlusion Spray

Arti-Spray® is a universal colour indicator to test the occlusal contacts and accurate fit of crowns and bridges. Arti-Spray® is easy to handle and leaves a thin coloured film which can easily be removed with water, leaving no trace of residues.