Ainsworth Dental’s product range includes quality dental laboratory materials, consumables, and equipment. The company also developed a number of dental surgery consumables including Australia’s leading prophylaxis paste, 3D printing resins for dental applications, and several other products, all made in Australia.

Ainsworth Fluoride Free Prophy Paste

A spearmint flavoured prophy paste ideal for cleaning and polishing the teeth. The splatter-free formula offers enough initial abrasion to remove discolourations and stains, and will gradually become less coarse in the mouth to facilitate final polishing of the tooth surface. Ideally suited for use in conjunction with rotary bristles, brushes or rubber prophy cups.

Ainsworth Yellowstone

Super smooth pouring, excellent hardness and very low setting expansion make this the ideal dental stone for most laboratory processing tasks. Ainsworth Yellowstone is a modern classic, trusted by thousands of professionals for its unique physical properties. It sets to a smooth, shiny surface and offers minimal splintering when grinding.

Ainsworth Economy Dental Plaster

Ainsworth Dental Plaster is a high grade economy plaster ideal for all general laboratory work. It offers low expansion, excellent positioning, and hard & smooth edges when set to enable easy trimming & sanding for an excellent finish.