The Acteon® Group has entered a new accelerated phase of innovation, expansion, and digitalisation for the benefit of its customers worldwide. Acteon® strive to provide tailored workflow solutions that maximise the total effectiveness, efficiency, and economics of achieving desired clinical outcomes. They also seek to provide innovative and integrated healthcare solutions that address the continuous healthcare needs over patients’ lifetime.

Acteon Mirror Heads

Available in aluminium, rhodium, titanium and PURE REFLECT® Technology.

Acteon® mirrors offer flat and ergonomic soldering : patient comfort is thus improved while retracting the cheek. Discover Acteon® PURE REFLECT® Technology: 100% level of color reflection, 0 image distorsion, Image reflected directly on the surface of the glass, no double image.

Acteon EXPASYL™ Temporary Gingival Retraction Capsules

Sulcular opening evolution.

Expasyl™ retraction paste offers safe, minimally invasive tissue management and facilitates accurate and pain-free sulcular opening contrary to traditional cords. Expasyl™ easily inserts into the sulcus in 20 seconds. Expasyl™ works in just 1 or 2 minutes and is easily removed with a gental air/water spray. No need for addtional anesthesia or hemostasis. Expasyl™ is seen as the solution to provide a gentle, speedy opening that respect the patient’s epithelial attachment.

Acteon MiniLED Curing Lights

Powerful curing lights.

MiniLED™ curing lights have been used worldwide for their efficency and safety. The range of Acteon MiniLED™ curing  lights responds to all clinical needs from portable to chairside connected versions. MiniLED™ Standard outperforms in power, efficency and speed. The MiniLED™ Ortho II allows curing from few brackets to a whole quadrant, all within a single gestures, within seconds. The MiniLED™ Supercharged gives the greatest power while offering safe modes for the tooth and restoration.


Ultrasonic Scaler.

Newtron® P5 XS B.LED preserves the teeth and the soft tissue thanks to its perfectly controlled ultrasonic vibrations, to the specific quality of the steel of the tips and to its irrigation that reached the end of the tip. With NEWTRON P5XS B.LED, you can count on faster treatments with more comfortable and versatile ultrasonic scaling. Perform a wide variety of procedures with over 80 unique tips. Linear and regular vibrations make treatments more comfortable for the patient. Soft tissue are preserved, with no gingival damage and decreased cementum removal.

Acteon Alginate Mixer

Simple, fast, ecological.

Acteon® Alginate Mixers provide smooth mixing for bubble free impressions. Mixing with the Acteon® Alginate Mixer creates increased tear resistance and elasticity, resulting in more accurate impressions and casts. Less alginate is wasted and more time is saved. It assists in standardising procedures in the dental office. Easy to use and clean. The mixer features a flat digital control panel; great for applying barrier film and keeping clean.

Acteon Implant Centre™ 2

Fast and secure bone surgeries.

The Implant Centre™ 2 combines the most advanced ultrasonic and rotary technologies in one device for a variety of procedures: pre-implant and implant surgeries, periodontics, endodontics, prophylaxis, restorative. With the NEWTRON® technology, frequency is automatically adjusted for maximum performance of each tip. The power is regulated in real time for constant performances and effortless cut. Three functioning modes allow various clinical applications : I-SURGE™ for implant surgeries (rotating motor); Piezotome® for pre-implant ultrasonic bone surgery; NEWTRON® for all dental ultrasonic treatments.

Acteon AIR-N-GO® Easy Prophy Polisher

Extend the scope of air polishing.

Air polishing is much more than a simple stain removal technique. Thanks to its advanced design, AIR-N-GO Easy® makes your treatments more simple: Start-up is fast, the device is directly connected to the high speed handpiece connector. The AIR-N-GO SUPRA and PERIO powders allow gentle and painless treatments resulting in greater patient acceptance and comfort.